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September 21, 2008
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“It's true that women never know what they want...but is it normal that I don't know what she want?” Derek asked himself, while staring at the countless objects in front of him.

The Marketplace was the best place to find unusual and interesting objects to buy. You could find everything there...literally. There were lamps, carpets, toys, plushes, movie, video games, crystals, comics, statues,...everything you heart desires.

Derek was at the marketplace that day, because he needed to buy something for his girlfriend's birthday. He spent three hours, walking around, looking at everything there was in that ideas whatsoever.

He was about go give up and buy the first thing he could find...when something caught his attention. Derek walked in front of one of the tables, and picked up what could be the most interesting piece of clothing he had ever seen.

It was a pair of purple sleeves, with a yin-yang symbol on them. They were extremely light, and felt very soft to the touch, kind of like than silk. There were two reasons why Derek was sure he was looking at the perfect gift for his girlfriend: one, they were purple, and she loved purple...and two, she loved sleeves for some reason.

Without wasting any more time, he payed for the sleeves, put them in his pocket, and left the Marketplace. While walking home, Derek sighed in relief.

“Three was worth it after all. Reina is gonna love this...she definitely will” Derek said, smiling to himself.


That evening, Derek heard someone knocking at the door. He immediately stood up from the couch he was sitting on, and ran at the door.

“Hey are late” Derek said, while opening the door.

Standing in front of him, there was his girlfriend Reina. She was a young woman, probably around the same age as Derek. She had long blond hairs, deep blue eyes, and a calm look on her face that could make a sad person happy just by looking at it. Her body was beautiful too...long legs, a hourglass figure, and perfect sized breasts made her every men's dream.

She smiled at Derek, and walked in. “Sorry...but my car just hates me today”

Derek giggled. “It's okay...I can't get angry at you's your birthday after all...oh, I almost forgot...happy birthday honey”

Reina kissed him on the cheek. “Thank you Derek...I hope you got something for me”

Derek laughed. The way she was looking at him reminded him of the way a child would look at his mother while waiting for his birthday present.

“I got something for you...follow me” Derek said.

They walked in the living room, where Derek put a small bottle of wine and two glasses on a small table. Next to the bottle...there were the purple sleeves.

“Wow...nice sleeves...where did you get them?” Reina asked, while sitting on the couch.

Derek grabbed the bottle, and poured some wine into her glass. “You like those sleeves? Well...they are yours”

Reina stared at him. “Really? Is that your present for me?”

Derek gulped, sitting next to her. “What? Don't...don't you like it?”

She picked up the purple sleeves, and put them on. She looked at them, and smiled. “Do I like them? No...I love them! Thank you are the best!”

Derek blushed. “Everything for you don't we enjoy our wine know...doing something else?”

She giggled. “ will never change, do you?”

He smiled. “If I do...will you like me as much as you do now?”

“Probably not...” she said, as she started drinking her wine.

Once she was done, to Derek's surprise, she started taking off her clothes, until all she was wearing was her top and her panties...and the purple sleeves of course.

She giggled. “'s very hot in there...what did you do?”

Derek looked up. “Hot? It's pretty cold I's Winter after all, not to mention I forgot to turn on the...”

Reina gulped. “ skin's too hot in there!”

She jumped stood up, and started shaking her hands, in the vain attempt to stop the burning sensation in her skin. All of sudden, her skin started to turn a deep gray...and to fall off. Underneath her falling skin, there was something else...fur.

A yellow fur was replacing the skin all over her body...except the chest, hands, feet and belly, where the fur was white, and the legs...where there was a small part of purple fur, forming two weird symbols.

“What...what is this? What have you done to me!?!” Reina yelled out of his mind.

Derek couldn't even answer her...he was shocked. All he could do was watch, as his girlfriend's body started to change in front of his eyes.

Long claws erupted from her fingertips, as her fingers got bigger. The muscles in her arms also got bigger, making her stronger than ever before. The same thing that happened to her arms happened to her legs...feet transformed into animal paws, and her legs got bigger, longer, and more muscled

Speaking of muscles...all the muscles in her body were getting bigger, and she was getting taller too. Because of this, the remaining clothes literally exploded, leaving her with only the purple sleeves on. Luckily, because of the fur...there was nothing to be seen...apparently.

Then...the final changes took place, as her face started to change. Her ears got longer, her face pushed out into a small muzzle, her hairs fell off, her eyes got surrounded by a black fur, and some purple fur appeared just below them..

To complete the changes...her breast got slightly bigger, and her butt got a littler larger (in a good way of course). And so...Reina turned into the anthro fox creature that was...Renamon the Digimon.

“Reina...I...” Derek started to say. “I...I didn't know...I didn't know that was gonna happen...I would...I would never hurt you Reina...I didn't want to...”

Reina looked at him. She was still laying on the ground, while he was still sitting on the couch...his eyes quickly starting to water.

“Derek...why are you so sad?” Reina asked.

Derek looked at her. “It was all my fault...I changed you into a monster”

Reina stood up, and sat down next to him. “Derek...what are you talking about? You told me that I was beautiful seconds ago”

Derek sighed. “Before you transformed into...this”

Reina sighed. “Derek...I have always been like this...are you sure the wine didn't completely fuck up with your brain?”

Derek stared at her...confused. “But...just seconds put that sleeve on, turned into anthropomorphic fox creature...”

Reina laughed. “Oh, Derek...sometimes you really make me wonder what the hell kind of drugs do you take while I'm not watching”

“Wait...don't...don't you remember anything at all?” Derek asked.

Reina sighed. “Nope...all I remember is that you invited your girlfriend to your place for her birthday, and you gave me these new purple sleeves...that's all...I never transformed into a different creature...I have always been your sexy little Renamon”

Derek coughed. “Little? You're bigger than me...”

She giggled. “So?”

Derek gulped. “So...well...oh, forget it”

Reina sat down on his legs. “Well...I hope the wine stopped affecting your ability to did stop...right honey?”

Derek slowly nodded. “'re was just the wine...I'm...fine now”

Everything was confused in Derek's mind. She was not human anymore...but she thought that she had never been human in the first place. Maybe...the sleeves not only changed her body...but also changed her mind. If that was the case...Derek had nothing to worry about...Reina was still with a different way.

But the question is...will their relationship still work?

Derek smiled. After taking one look at the fox lady that was sitting on his legs...he knew the answer.

Reina giggled. “What are you looking at?”

Derek put an hand on her shoulder. “Oh...nothing...I was just wondering...what do you want to do for your birthday? I mean...we can watch a movie, or...”

She licked his face. “ can play with your favorite plushie”

Derek smiled, and nodded. can you say no to a woman like that? eh :)
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How can you say no to a woman like that?
Easy: very politely and gently.
Tdbreslawski Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2014   Artist
well this was unexpected...........
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rookie2 Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Favorite plushie, she i my favorite furry
FatCream Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2012
Well, in all my years of reading TF's, this is the first story I have read where the person that transformed doesn't remember being human. Bravo i say, bravo
ZombieSpartan412 Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2012
nice one dude. love your work.
BassBX Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2011  Student Writer
Whoa. Nice.
christ1994 Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2011
You should make a comic about this. It would be great!!

(sorry I ussualy write French so I dont know if it's good)
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Seriously about what ?
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