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Night Wish - Night Fury TF

It was a cold, wet afternoon in a small town in England. The typical British weather was in full effect right now, and most of the people had taken refuge in their houses, with a few heading out with umbrellas, needing to get their daily tasks done.

Peter was among those people.

He wouldn't have left his warm comfy armchair in front of the fireplace in a day like that if it wasn't for the fact that the local Gamestop just got a few hundred copies of a game he really wanted to get, and although he did preorder it, considering the amount of people who did the same he really wanted to make sure he could snatch a copy as soon as possible.

He tried not to run as he made his way to the store, mostly to avoid breaking the umbrella's protection, but also because the pavement was slippery, and falling only to get splashed by a car driving by wasn't something he really wanted to experience again.

He was only a few hundred feet away from the store when for some reason he stopped by the plush shop. What caught his attention was the large "New" sign on the door, and the pictures of the new plushies they apparently just received.

"Hmm... Wonder what they got in," he said as he approached the sign, holding the umbrella closer to him as the wind started to pick up. He was struggling to keep hold of it in one hand, so he had to hold it with both. It was reasons like this that he was thankful that he always had a backpack on him so he didn't have to carry any bags in his hands.

He eventually decided to say whatever and walk into the plush shop, not only to avoid getting blown away by the wind, but also because he wanted to take a look at the plushies with his own eyes.

That wasn't the first time he came to that place. He had been there several times in the past, whenever it was for buying gifts for friends and family, or just to get something to put on his desk. Some people might argue that he was too old to still be keeping plushies, but he didn't care. After all, to him plushies were a reminder that he had been a kid once and that part of that kind was still with him.

"So much to choose from..." he said, browsing through all of the plushies. All the shelves were packed with them, and they had plushies of all different things. There were a couple of shelves packed with Pokémon plushies which normally you wouldn't be able to get outside of Japan, and a few of these had caught Peter's attention.

At first he didn't notice anything new... until he reached the last shelf, where the new plushies were placed. Among them a few random animal plushies, a pretty nice red dragon plushie, and a few other cute little stuffed creatures... but that wasn't what caught Peter's attention. Placed right in the middle of all of those, sitting several inches taller than anything else there, was a rather familiar black dragon plushie.

He approached the shelf with the plush and gently picked it up, looking at it. He was pretty amazed that the shop would even have any plush of this kind left, given its popularity, but it seemed like they must have gotten a few in, as a shelf was full of them. What he was looking at in his hands right now was a plushie of a Night Fury dragon, a character from a recently released film.

He was genuinely amazed by how soft, well realized, and overall adorable the plushie was. If he was still a kid with his parents with him in that store, he would have annoyed them to death so he could get his hands on that little work of art of a plushie. And what really shocked him was how cheap it was: around 2 pounds. Such a deal could not be ignored, so he immediately headed for the cash register.

He picked up a couple other plushies on the way as they were selling for roughly the same price, and he thought they would make some nice gifts for a few of his friends. After paying for the plushies, he opened the backpack and was just able to fit the large carrier bag with the soft goods inside. "Thank you!" he smiled to the cashier as he made his way out.

It was still raining, but the wind had stopped. He sighed in relief, and was just about to turn around and finally get to the Gamestop... when all of sudden he came across the silliest, most improbable sight he had ever seen.

Two cars were sticking out of the Gamestop's main window, one on top of the other, upside down, a few people watching and two others yelling at each other, a policeman watching them without saying a word.

Peter had to blink several times to convince himself he wasn't hallucinating, cause there was no way that could be possible. But despite the craziness of that whole thing, it was indeed happening.
"Nice view, uh? I bet it's gonna be on all newspaper tomorrow... first page, cause nothing can top that," an old lady said, stepping to his side.

"Yeah... uh... how did this happen exactly?" He asked her. "I mean one car plowing into the front of a store would be believable enough if someone was trying to rob the store, but two cars?"
She sighed. "You wouldn't believe me even if I told you... but let them argue about who's fault it is, I rather go back to my house, in front of a fire, and have some tea with my nephew... he's a very good boy, you know. He just turned 9... my, the grow up so fast," the old lady said, smiling a little, not even looking at him.

"Trust me, I've heard some things before," he said with a smirk. "I put up with a lot of weird things at college."

She nodded slightly. "I'd better go now before I lose myself... oh, before you leave, my good sir, take this," she said, offering him what looked like a little red pin, one of those simple things you would expect a boy scout to offer you for free when you run across him. She smiled. "My nephew makes these all the time... he says they can grant all your wishes if you truly believe in them. It's an old family tradition, and feel free to believe it or not... but I've got so many of these I don't know what to do with them."

He looked at the small red pin, and put it it in his pocket for now. Handling the umbrella, he couldn't attempt to put it on right now. "Thank you," he said with a smile. "Tell your nephew I said thanks, too."
"He will be happy to know that someone likes his pin... I wish you luck, my good man," she said before heading to the other side of the street, umbrella in hand, humming an old tune from the 60s.
"Very few nice people around here nowadays," he said to himself as he started to make his way home. There was little point heading into the game shop now. With two cars sticking out of its front, no one would be allowed in except for staff, police and medics.

He was finally back inside his house around 20 minutes after his meeting with the old lady. He immediately threw the umbrella, raincoat and shoes near the entrance and went back in the living room, the fire still cracking in the fireplace. He sat down on his armchair, backpack in hands. He was indeed disappointed that he couldn't get the game... but on the plus side he got something that will make up for it for a little while.

"Now then, where will I put all of you?" he said to himself. "Maybe I could put one or two of you on my bed." He smirked as he unpacked the soft toys from the backpack. "Once I've had some food, I'll put you all in your new homes."

He couldn't help but once again feel silly for talking to stuffed animals as if they could actually hear him... but then again, it was an old habit he never really abandoned. He held the plushies in his arms, admiring all of them, especially the Night Fury plushie, which out of all of them was the most impressive, and arguably most adorable one.

"I think I'll put you somewhere on my bed," he chuckled, heading into his bedroom for a brief moment. He put down the dragon plush on the middle of his bed. "There you go, you look right at home! But for now, I should get some food."

As he headed back to the kitchen, for some reason he stopped in the middle of the hallway and looked at the jacket that was laying on the floor by the entrance. He walked to it, and picked it up. He checked the front pockets really quick, and eventually found the object that for some reason just came to mind when he noticed the jacket: the red pin.

"I almost forgot about you..." he said, looking at the little pin. "So you can grant wishes, eh? Perhaps once something springs to mind, I'll give it a try," he said, sticking it onto his shirt for the time being as he walked into the kitchen, seeing what he could prepare for a quick dinner.

He had a lot of stuff in the fridge, but he decided to just fry some eggs and maybe some bacon, along with a soda can. Not the healthiest food he could think of, but then again eating "junk food" every once in a while has never killed anyone.

Whilst they cooked, he got out a couple of slices of bread from the fridge. There was no real need to butter it, the juices from the eggs and bacon would remove the dryness from it. He watched over the frying pan as they cooked, waiting for them to finish.

For some reason, he found himself playing a little with the red pin. He looked down at it, wondering... wishes coming true thanks to that little plastic object? Crazy, yeah...

"Just what exactly are you capable of though?" he asked himself as he scooped up the food from the frying pan, placed it atop the bread and cut it up to make a sandwich. He picked up the plate with his meal and the can of drink as he went into the front room and sat down in front of the TV.
"Hey, I wonder if they've said anything about the incident earlier..." he said, flipping to the news channel.

Oddly enough, no mention of the two cars crashing into the local Gamestop in such an odd way, mostly because they were too busy talking about a celebrity being found drunk in public... as if it was a novelty, since they was found to have been drunk at least five times in the last 3 months.
"I'm sure there has to be SOME mention..." he said, flipping through the channels till he came across the local news. "Let's see if this says anything," he said whilst taking a bite from his sandwich.
He didn't find anything about the incident despite all the flipping, but he did find a channel that was broadcasting some Doctor Who episodes. Since he had nothing better to do, he just tossed the remote to the side and relaxed on his armchair.

The episode he came across was oddly enough about werewolves. He had to smile at the irony as he tossed the pin into the air and grabbed it as it fell back down. He always liked werewolves, as weird as that might sound. The concept of a human being that could become something much different in no time was somewhat intriguing. Sure, having no control of the wolf form was something that made that little fantasy less of a desirable option, but it was still kind of fascinating.

However what would have been really awesome to him wouldn't be having a wolf form... but more like something a little... nobler.

"I wonder..." he said as he got up from the chair, grabbing the dirty plate and the soda can. He walked back into the kitchen and placed the dish in the sink, cleaning it up and washing his hands. He placed the empty drink can in the recycling bag as he went back into his bedroom.

He sat down in front on the plushie, gently picking up little Night Fury. A crazy idea just came to his mind.

"Now then..." he said, looking into the shiny plastic eyes of the plush as he held the pin in his hand. "How would I pull this off exactly?" he asked himself, looking at the two items.

A lot of stupid ideas came to mind, but since swallowing the pin and try cutting himself with it sounded quite silly and probably something you would find in a bad Internet fanfic, he just put the pin right on the plushie's chest, leaving it there as he held the plushie in front of him.

"Okay... now to focus and gather my thoughts, I guess," he said, putting all attention on the plush in front of him now, blocking out all other thoughts.

It was only an instant, a fraction of a second... but he saw it: the pin was glowing red in that moment.
He had to retrieve the pin and check every single millimeter of its surface to convince himself he wasn't hallucinating and the pin did in fact glow, despite it being apparently made out of simple plastic.

Several thoughts went through his head after that: did it work? Was his wish going to be fulfilled? Or was he just dreaming?

"What now?" he said to himself, still looking at the pin. "How will I know if my wish worked?"
He put the pin back on the plushie and lay down on the bed, relaxing a little. As the minutes went by, nothing seemed to happen that indicated his wish might had worked... except the fact that he was suddenly hungry

"That's strange..." he thought aloud, sitting back up. "I just ate, why do I feel hungry again? ...and I don't know if I even have that much fish in here... I should have picked some more up when I went shopping yesterday..."

He stood up and headed back to the kitchen. He checked inside the fridge, and luckily for him there was some salmon left from a few nights earlier. He got it out, and without even bothering with plates or anything like that he just grabbed it and shoved it in his mouth.

"Okay, why am I eating this without even cooking it?" He had to ask himself as he chowed down on the cold piece of fish.

After finishing his second and extremely improvised dinner, he went back upstairs. For some reason walking up the steps was somewhat more difficult than usual, mostly cause he felt rather unstable on his two feet, and also because the steps seemed... smaller.

"Okay, something is REALLY off here..." he commented, having to support himself slightly against the wall as he carefully walked up the steps. He made it back into the room and managed to get to his bed before falling over.

At first he thought he was just tired and all, could explain the lost of balance.... however it didn't explain why all of a sudden, every single muscle in his body was starting to hurt as if they were being stretched and pulled by force.

"Gah... what the hell?" he said with a slight growl, rolling onto his back as he tried to stretch himself in an attempt to lift the pain. Safe to say that it didn't really seem to work. He tried doing that several times in an attempt to get rid of the uncomfortable feeling, but all he ended up doing... was shredding all his clothes.

It was just shocking to see his shirt and trousers being torn open, the now tense muscles bulging underneath, showing up under his skin in a very grotesque way... in fact, he could barely tell that what he was looking at were his legs and arms, they looked extremely... different. Not only the musculature had expanded quite a bit, but the structure itself was way off.

"Okay... I must be dreaming... Either that or it's from eating that uncooked fish..." he said, noticing his arms and legs to be both longer and wider than they were before.

He tried to stand up, but he found himself unable to do so, he could only balance himself... on all fours. He was breathing heavily now, confused, shocked... but also somewhat excited.

"It... it's really working isn't it?" he smirked, feeling his body grow larger. He was slightly off balance still as he stood on the bed, the mattress wobbling beneath him as the bed creaked. His growing musculature and bulk was starting to get too much for the bed, and he could hear the wooden structure cracking underfoot.

He then heard a rather loud ripping noise coming from his back and arms. He turned his head to his right arm, only to find the skin having a giant slit where the bicep was... not flesh underneath, but midnight black scales... real, reptilian scales.

"This... this is..." he stammered, a little overcome as he placed his left hand on the tear, feeling the scales. They were smooth to the touch, but a he same time they felt thick and hard. "This... really is happening..." A grin broke across his face.

His hands started shaking as he brought them to his face. He watched up close the fingers retreating into them, both hands getting rounder and flatter... three thick claws emerging from the sides.
He stared at his hands for a moment. Despite no longer having anything resembling fingers on those large forepaws of his, he was able to move the claws around a little bit. He tried to pick up something with one of his paws. He had a little trouble operating the digits at first, but he was soon able to pick up and hold the plush carefully in his left paw.

He observed it carefully, smiling at it. Indeed, he was starting to notice the resemblance: he was looking more and more like the little Night Fury.

The grin across his face just got wider as he stared at the soft toy. "My friends are going to freak out when I show them what you and that little trinket did to me!" he chuckled, looking at the pin that was still on the bed. "Which makes me wonder... is it good for more than one use?"

He was about to grab it, but a sudden jolt of pain in his spine prevented him from moving for a second. He grit his teeth and clawed the blankets as his entire spine seemed to slowly push out of his body, eventually lengthening and shaping into a new appendage: a tail.

"Okay... that did sting a little..." he winced, relieving his grip from the blankets, noticing the large gashes he left in it. "Guess I should be careful holding things," he said as he turned to look at the tail, which was swishing eagerly behind him. A large fin grew out on both sides of the tail, flapping about as his tail wagged.

The pain in his spine eventually went away... only to be replaced with an even worse pain in his back. He closed his eyes and once again held himself on the bed, hearing some rather nauseating cracks and pops coming from his back and shoulders. He eventually had to roar in pain as his back was torn open for a second by two large arms pushing out of it... which eventually shaped into wings.

"GRRRRRRRROOOOOAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRR!" he bellowed at the top of his lungs as the new limbs flapped about, knocking things of of his desk and nearby shelves as he was lifted a few inches off the ground, slowly getting airborne. He realized that he was starting to fly, and had to quickly stop his movements lest he hit the roof. As he rested back on the floor of his room, another set of fins grew in, going from the sides of his chest to the back of his legs, almost like miniature wings.

He stretched his legs, his feet now the same as his hands, although slightly larger. He was taking pretty much the entire room with his now large size, and nothing human was left of him... but his head.

"I think I should really make my leave before I end up stuck in here," he chuckled, picking up the plush and the pin in his claws. And with one simple kick from his hind-legs, he was thrusted out of his room through the window and landed gracefully in the garden outside.

"Wow, good thing I got these!" he laughed, simply shaking off the small shards of glass that had clung to his scales. Not a drop of blood leaked out from the spots where the glass had stuck to his scaly hide.
He grit his teeth a little as his face started itching a little. He got ready for the final changes as his nose cracked and flattened, his jaws pushing outward.

"Gaaaahhh..." he hissed in pain as he felt his teeth grow larger and sharper, growing to large points as his jaws grew wider, more fangs growing in the spaces that became available. His tongue also grew longer and thicker to best fit his new maw, the tip forking.

As his ears grew longer and his hairs fell off, small spikes and horns growing around the back of his head, his eyes turned a shiny green, pupils pulling into slits... completing his changes.

He blinked a few times, observing the world with new eyes. Everything looked much sharper and more colorful now, the night seeming brighter than he remembered it to be... all thanks to the senses of the creature known as "Night Fury".

The grin that he bore on his face earlier grew impossibly wide as he looked at himself with a childlike glee. The wish had actually worked, and he had become just what he wished for.
"This... is.... AWESOME!" he said with a gleeful roar.

He lay down on the grass, looking up at the now starlit sky. He smiled, realizing he was still holding the plushie, and the pin, in his draconic paw.

"If I knew where that old lady lived, I'd go and pay her a visit, just to say thanks..." He stared at the little pin. "And at the same time, I might be able to find some friends to bless."

He then paused to think for a moment. "Which leaves me one little thing that I want to check quickly..." He chuckled as he quickly flew up into the night sky, items in hand. His scaly hide blended in perfectly with the darkness of the night, leaving him virtually invisible.

Many people at the news station thought that after that extremely silly accident at the local Gamestop, no other event could possibly top that and they were pretty much set for the night's news broadcast.
But none of them could have ever predicted the giant blue explosion that occurred in the sky, miles above the city, apparently cause by an unknown creature, reported by several witnesses. The car crash was pretty much forgotten as they the new event was soon on all newspaper and television channels.

Somewhere in town, an old woman was smiling at the TV as he saw the images of the explosion being shown on the screen. She turned to look at her nephew sitting by the kitchen table, still working hard on his "special pins"

She sighed, turning back to the TV. She wished she could still work her magic like she used to... but time has passed since her glory days, and she was now just an old lady like anyone else. It's a good thing that she could share her knowledge with her young nephew... after all, the world will always need a little bit of magic in it.

Several night dragons could not agree more.
Collab story with :iconwerechu:

Who doesn't like Night Fury/Toothless? XD

P.s And yes, How to Train you Dragon was an amazing movie :P

Fave his part too: [link]

UPDATE: I uploaded an improved version of this story, thanks Shadowlugia240 for the fixing :P
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